Well, we had the first meeting of the SF Book Reading Club at our branch of Waterstone’s this week. Our esteemed events and marketing manager for Scotland didn’t actually get the fliers printed until a week before the meeting and also forgot to out it in the events diary, so the only folk who knew about it had to find out in-store. As a result we had only half a dozen people, a little disappointing. That said the actual hour went very quickly and enjoyably – being a small group meant that everyone got a chance to put in their opinion, which is what Alex and I were hoping for. No awkward pauses, once we started everyone had something to contribute. We were discussing Richard Morgan’s excellent Altered Carbon and managed to go from the morality of noir-style violence, the impact of cloning and memory transference technology and somehow ended up on Emmerdale Farm and other soap opera for some reason. Never let it be said our discussions were not diverse and wide-ranging!

Well, despite the numbers we were pretty pleased how it went and are hoping to build on this for the next meeting in October where we’re going to discuss Richard Mattheson’s I am Legend. We’ll give the group idea another couple of bashes and see if the support and interest rises. This also means we’ll have to bash Matthew and Ian over the head and drag them along to the next one as well. Geeks of the world unite.