Monday, June 04, 2007


I haven't been much of a fan of the idea of the London Olympics so far - frankly it is going to cost a fortune and a lot of hassle and I can't see it giving much to the rest of the country outside of London. Admittedly I'm not a big sports person to begin with, but since all the major new facilities (if they are built in time and work) will be in London they aren't going to be much use to trainee athletes around the rest of Britain, are they? And since they look certain to siphon off huge amounts of Lottery funding from arts group, local charity volunteers organisations and even local-level sports intitiatives to pay for this fiasco it looks like it may well hurt the encouragement of sports training in the UK, which is a huge own goal. Now they announce the lamest logo I have seen in years - it looks like something an amateur would have done around 1986 for smeg's sake. Given the millions the chancellor (soon to be Prime Monster) has indicated he will steal out of other much needed lottery funds to pay for all of this perhaps instead of this dire logo they should have an image of Gordon Brown's hand going into the collective wallet of the nation? I notice the BBC's poll of reader's views shows over 80% thinking it sucks like a hungry anteater.

I wonder how much money they wasted to come up with these pathetic designs? Never mind, perhaps Putin will have nuked us all before then. Assuming any of Russia's nuclear weapons he's threatening us with actually still work or even actually have a warhead inside since half of them aren't accounted for, probably because they sold them to rogue states and terrorists... Funny though, a dictatorial madman with a highly questionable human rights record, a history of aggression abroad, using fossil fuels to bully and intimidate others then threaten civilians with weapons of mass destruction - haven't we imposed sanctions and even gone to war for less than this in the recent past? Yet here we are with a few Western leaders just saying something weak such as "oh we'll have a talk with him at the G8..." and comments that his speech was "unhelpful." Unhelpful is refusing to co-operate with police to extradiate a suspect in a criminal case, telling millions you will point nuclear weapons at them is rather more than that; in fact its an act of terrorism.

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