No thanks

Another job application, another disappointment. Yet another bastard employer who didn’t even give me an interview for a job I was eminently qualified to do. What makes it worse than all the other bastard employers who have done the same thing to me in the last couple of years is that this was my alma mater, Queen Margaret University College. I applied for a post they had in the college library. Not only do I have ten years of experience in the book trade I actually worked in the bloody library for a couple of years as a part-time assistant when I was a student there. I have relevant experience, more qualifications than I can fit on an application form (including my degree from QMUC) and an IQ of 148.

Despite this I didn’t even rate so much as an interview. I’m sure there were plenty of folk applying for this post and they have to filter out who deserves an interview. But when you are a graduate of that college, are qualified and experienced to do the job in question and have actually worked in the department and the fuckers still don’t even interview you, you have to ask yourself what the fuck you are supposed to do to try and get a motherfucking job. I’m used to getting this treatment from other employers – no wonder I am fucking paranoid and convinced they are all out to get me – but to be treated this way by my own college and a department I actually once worked for? Nice to see that Queen Margaret support their alumni and hold their own degrees in such esteem they don’t even bother to interview folk who hold them. Ingrates.

One day when I have total power all of these people will taste my Awesome Wrath. In the meantime I will just keep muttering darkly into my beer about conspiracies against me. Fuckers. I almost hope they send me a fundraising letter again so I can tell them to fuck off and die. Bitter? Me? Hell yeah…