Way too early

My noisy neighbour must die!!!!! The third or fourth weekend on the trot that this inconsiderate bastard has woken me up with pounding rave music so loud it sounds like it is in the same room. Last week he started at 5am and was still going when I left for work at 7.30am. Tonight he began at 4am and was still going with his drunken Ned mates, screaming and climbing in and out of the windows of his flat at 6am.

I hate to be the kind of guy who complains about music but this if fecking ridiculous, so I finally gave in and called the police at 4.20. It’s now just after 6am and they still haven’t been. I called again but they are all busy. Fair enough, it is a weekend and they will be pretty busy, but by the time they come the fuckers will have stopped. Finally all the E has drained from their little schemie systems and off they go to bed, just a short while before I have to get up for fucking work. Again. It was dark when I called them and now it is broad bloody daylight, so no more sleep before work for me again.

I am now fantasising sleepily about throwing a hand grenade into the wee ned fuckers flat through the same open window his drunken mates were jumping in and out of. To add insult to injury after 5.30am they stopped the rave shit and replaced it with power ballads, which they all sang along to of course. No-one should have to hear Chris de Burgh at any time, but belted out by drunken neds at 5.30am? Jennifer fucking Rush? Not only are they noisy, drunken, Ed up wee fuckers they have no god dam taste. They must die slowly with sharp things in their heads.

Its now after 6.20 and the wee bastard has indeed stopped. His drunken mates have gone singing down the street , droppingbottles as they go. Still no cops. Nice to know my taxes are well spent.