This ain’t right…

So there are Alex and I sitting in the darkened cinema waiting for the gloriously silly and OTT Terminator 3 (review soon on the Alien). Hmm, the programme started early. Hmmm, the trailers are all clearly for girl’s pictures. And when I say girls, I mean extremely girly, the sort of sugary pink romance that would make even Helen Fielding or Marian Keyes diabetic. Why show these before an action-FX movie? Film starts. Legally Blonde 2. The trailers are pitched at the right audience – the 13 year old girls all around us – we’re in the wrong auditorium! Ooops. My god those trailers! Who says girls mature quicker than boys? Look at those movies, look at teenie girls screaming at utterly banal and shite manufactured boy bands. Mature? Hmmm.

Anyway we made it to the screen next door (try putting your numbers on the side nearest the entrance UGC!!) in time for the start and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Extremely silly (deliberately so I think in places), cartoon violence like a Road Runner plot (hitting someone with a rocket then watching them get back up, smashing heads through walls etc). Utterly silly but very enjoyable, even if it is the same plot as the first two recycled again (although the ending is quite good and not what I expected).

And I refute utterly that we went in to that wrong screen deliberately to try and find some young girls to show our puppies to. Anyway I don’t have puppies, being a cat person and Alex would probably have one of those robot dogs from Japan. Or K-9 maybe.