Teeth and fat

Gosh, I seem to have had one of those weeks which didn’t leave much time to blog, but a couple of news stories in the UK did catch my eye – the continuing lack of dentists who will work on the NHS and the obesity ‘epidemic’. Other than being health-related they seemed unconnected to the mainstream media, but we at the Woolamaloo Gazette like to think more deeply than the hacks of the Street of Shame and realised that none of the traditional media had come to the conclusion that the projected obesity epidemic (apparently we will all be fat bastards in just a few years, except, one assumes, for supermodels) is quite clearly a fake story. In the lack of NHS dental services story it was revealed some desperate (or possibly just mad) people had resorted to removing their own teeth, with one man allegedly having pulled 14 of his own teeth. As the nation’s dental state decays (sorry, pun intended) further in the next few years the supposed obesity wave will fade away as fewer and fewer Britons retain teeth with which to eat their high-salt, high-fat diet. One problem solving another.