Eat me

Cannibal killer stories are bizarre enough, but a cannibal who has a willing victim is even odder. However that’s what happened in this rather disturbing case in Germany. Using internet chat rooms a man with a fetish for eating human flesh actually sought out a willing victim who had a matching desire to be devoured.

In fact he found two – the first went as far as being stripped, wrapped in plastic and having the meat joints marked out for butchering before deciding he didn’t actually want to be eaten and leaving. Second time round a volunteer took a day off work, put his affairs in order and went on over for a most unusual dining experience.

Apparently the victim – if that is the correct term considering he volunteered – also had a desire for some flesh consumption. So his obliging host – with his permission – lopped of his penis and cooked it for both of them. Then he stabbed him to death, butchered him and put the joints in the freezer so he could use his books on human cooking at his leisure. Shade of the bad guy in Frank Miller’s Sin City who cuts of a victim’s hand then makes them watch him have it for dinner.

Killing someone to eat them is horrid enough – unless you are a starving, ship-wrecked sailor and you need something to go with your own urine. But someone who actually wants to be eaten? Now there is a use for the internet that most of the futurists never came up with. I am so glad to be a vegetarian.