Edinburgh raft race

Some video footage from the recent raft race on the Union Canal near me – all the rafts were made from found material (yes, there was someone with a floating bath-tub too at one point!). It’s so cool to see life back here now, it was run down for so long, now the canal is refurbished, back in use with holiday barges and some barges moored around the new quays which folk live on year round, restaurant barges go up and down the way, the old derelict areas and the the former brewery are all being redeveloped with new apartments, cafes and bars, while the towpath has been repaired from the old potholed, overgrown mudbath it used to be to a good path for walking and cycling now. And as you can see here as the competitors for one heat try to get to the start the old Leamington Lift Bridge has also been restored to working order. I knew it had been fixed up but for all the times I’ve passed this spot I’d never actually seen it working until now. I know I’m easily amused but it tickled me to see it working again after all this time.

It isn’t a real raft race until someone ends up in the water.