More Bristol

Some more pics I snapped going back and forth from my hotel to the Comics Expo in Bristol.

Old brewery building converted into some rather attractive looking apartments

Nice church tower down a street near the pub where I had a couple of well-earned and gorgeous-tasting pints of the local Butcombe Brewery Gold (so disappointed I can’t get it up here, but the brewery only sell it within a 50 mile radius).

I passed this beautiful, big church on the way in from the airport; the bells were peeling quite wonderfully as I passed.

This drunkenly leaning tower is quite striking; a friend at the convention told me it was an old church gutted by bombing by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

I loved the plaster relief of an elephant on this building near the market.

The Redcliffe Wharf down by the river; as with a lot of riverside cities there is a mix of older, decrepit buildings and freshly restored old buildings like this given a new lease of life as the once busy, commercial area is reborn from a workspace into a living and leisure space with new apartments and pleasure craft, restaurants and bars.

Another nicely restored old building

Its not all old buildings decaying or being restored, there was this unusual modern tower stuck in the middle of a building site.

No, it isn’t the emblem of the male stripper’s society, its the T&GWU, Transport and General Worker’s Union.