In the interests of fairness…

… I need to say that tonight on the way home from work the regular bus driver saw me running to catch it at the bus stop and waited for me. So they ain’t all bad! I had a reply from LRT after complaining to them and they offered some mealy mouthed “we can only stop at the stops agreed for that route” or the world will end or some such crap; needless to say they ignored my question as to what they do in this situation if the passenger is elderly, or a child or disabled – does their driver not get some leeway to make a decision. Obviously an uncomfortable question so they simply ignored it (must take training from the same folks who coach politicians). They did helpfully suggest I check the timetable and the electronic board then I will know where it stops (so it is my fault, basically) – which is great except there is a pole for an electronic board at that stop but no display board yet installed (the pavement was ripped up to lay cables and the pole put in months ago, but they still haven’t bothered to actually install it) and the timetable in the shelter has no information on which few stops this limited stop service makes, which I had pointed out to him in my email, but again he had either chosen to ignore to make life simpler for himself. So glad to see they pay attention to their regular customer’s concerns, eh?

Still, at least they replied – the incompetent idiots at Royal Mail’s Parcelforce has still not replied to me about the package their incompetent (or just lazy) delivery driver dumped outside my house before Xmas (it was gone when I got home, just a card saying ‘left outside’). I called them that day, they promised to check with the driver next day and call back. Of course they didn’t. I tried calling again repeatedly but only ever got stuck on hold, so I gave up and emailed them. It took them a week to bother to reply to that and all I got was an apology but absolutely no information – why had this idiot abandoned my package, who was the registered sender so I can let them know, what were the contents listed as, what action will be taken against the driver, how do I seek redress from Parcelforce for this feeble service?

Ten days later and the buggers haven’t bothered to reply at all – perhaps they are thinking I will just shrug my shoulders and give up. Got the wrong bloke there. Sent them a furious email and will try calling them again too. How to impress your customers – lose their package then treat them with contempt afterwards when they ask what happened. No wonder the Royal Mail is constantly losing business to private companies, useless service, pathetic customer care. Moral of this is don’t use Royal Mail’s Parcelforce if you can avoid it folks, they abandon their packages outdoors then don’t give a damn about following up the customer’s complaints afterwards.