The Queen’s Speech

This year her glorious majesty Queen Lizzy 2, long may she … er… long may she… may she… er, what does she actually do again? Oh yeah, long may she pose for Royal Mail stamps. Anyway, this year Her Maj not only recorded her customary Christmas message to be broadcast to the nation and Commonwealth, she recorded a podcast as well, which you can get on the official Lizzy site, British Monarchy (well I suppose German immigrant aristocracy wouldn’t have the same ring to it). Can’t you just imagine Phil the Greek sitting back with an Ipod listening to his wife’s podcast?

I wonder, now she has embraced podcasting, if I can persuade her to do a guest slot on the FPI podcast (latest one up now with my picks of the year on it – apologies for some dodgy sound), get her to pick out some of her favourite recent comics? What I really want to know, though, is now she is embracing digital technology, will next year see the Queen texting to the nation? “1 wood like 2 wish all of 1s subjects a merry xmas and hope 4 peace & understanding among all faiths. Luv, Liz”