Another angle to the veil debate

These despicable utterings of a senior Muslim cleric in Australia show another angle to the debate about women wearing the veil, not because it is an explicit commandment in the Koran but because of misogynistic males who project their own sexual inadequacies onto women to inflate their own sense of power and importance. He says that women who are dressed provocatively (and Lord knows what this twonk thinks is provocative) are like “uncovered meat” and that they invited sexual assault. Yes, it’s that particularly vile “she was asking for it” excuse, hear being read out by a supposedly religious man. I wonder how he would feel if a bunch of racist bigots beat the crap out of him and used the excuse that since he was dressed Muslim fashion in a mostly white country he “was asking for it”? Pretty feeble excuse for anything, isn’t it?

He has since apologised and given the old “I was taken out of context” excuse. Now I know it is possible for people to be quoted out of context by the media, but in this case I don’t believe this evil old sod for a moment for one simple reason: look at that phrase he used to describe women who were not covered up to his level of satisfaction, “uncovered meat”. Now to me that clearly infers that he thinks of all women as meat, the difference being the nice obedient ones who cover themselves head to foot to keep him and other foolish men happy (and alas the women are so brainwashed many think they do this for themselves, the Islamic version of Stockholm Syndrome perhaps) are ‘covered meat’. He can protest all he wants about being misinterpreted, but that’s the logical assumption of using that phrase “uncovered meat”. The fact he also said if the women had been wearing a veil or had stayed in their home they wouldn’t be sexually assaulted (except by male relatives) tends to confirm this.

This tosser should be stripped naked, bent over a motorbike and paraded through Sydney with a big honour guard of the city’s Dykes on Bikes who would take it in turn to shove large marrows up his arse. Sideways. Scary to think that in less civilised parts of the world than Australia men like this have actual legal powers because their countries still allow religious dogma a place in their medieval judicial systems. All the more reason not just to denounce him in democratic countries but to humiliate the smegger.