American strategy

Even the Republican party reptiles, with elections breathing down their necks, are now saying that perhaps Dubyah should reconsider American stratgey in Iraq as US forces deaths reach an all-time high (although still peanuts compared to the civilian deaths, but, hey, most voters don’t care about that too much) and rather than a shiny Western-style democracy we have sectarian violence a thousand times worse than that seen at the Rangers-Celtic derby match. All of this has come as a surprise to many osbervers who didn’t actually realise the American government had any strategy at all. Still, it is funny to see Republicans, cacking themselves over losing at the upcoming elections, often avoiding talking about the war while Democrats bring it up all the time, something of a reversal from previous elections where defending American from terrorism by invading countries unconnected with 9-11 was seen as incredibly patriotic and any foolish opponent who tried to criticise was hounded by spin and sleaze merchants as Bin-Laden-loving communist gay child molesting anti-American cowards. It would all be immensely amusing if this bad joke didn’t come with a body count.