No Assembly Required…

Alistair Darling, MP today executed a wonderful example of foot-in-the-mouth syndrome, also known as Stupid Politician Syndrome. This is generally caused by putting an idiot in charge of an area he knows bugger all about. The faux-pas? During SWcottish Questions in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster Mr Darling referred to the “Scottish Assembly”. As almost everyone knows the Welsh have an assembly, we in Scotland have a parliament, as we had 300 years ago before bullying and outright bribery took it away to create the Union in 1707.

So what? Well, there are two very embarassing reasons to worry about this stupidity – not just because we Scots get bloody annoyed about these sorts of slights. The first is that the Right Honourable Alistair Darling MP is in fact the Member of Parliament for Edinburgh Central – the area of the Scottish capital which covers Princes Street, the Scott Monument, the National Galleries, the Wolrd Heritage Site of the New and Old Towns, the Castle and, yes, you guessed it, the Scottish Parliament. Nice to know Mr Darling keeps up on local issues in his own constituency – if he is this out of touch what bloody use is he? Secondly this eejit is also the newly appointed Secretary of State for Scotland!!!

Well done, Mr Darling – as a minister of the Crown you have just increased the argument of Nationalists that the London government knows nothing about Scotland and cares even less. He didn’t even bother to correct himself and left the Chamber very quickly afterwards. I wonder if he can find the way home at weekends? And while we’re ragging on this numpty heid, what is it with the dark eyebrows and grey hair? Does he use Grecian 2000 but only on his eyebrows? More on the BBC website. Perhaps our elected represantatives should be required to pass an examination in the history and culture of our nation before they can take office? This would also mean only reasonably smart people could take office, which would be a vast improvement.