Outraged shocker

In a shocking piece of news some parts of the Islamic world have been insulted and outraged at something. Yes, I know, I didn’t see that happening since they it is such an easy going religion of laid back and tolerant people. Actually this looks like one of those completely manufactured stories where someone with an agenda has whipped up a media outrage, laughably over the designer Apple 5th Avenue story in New York which is a similar shape to the Ka’ba, but the report the Register had gave me a giggle today because you can so easily believe that some bunch of numpties in green headscarves would march about shouting over something like this and burning an effigy of an Ipod. In fact they may even be offended that I infered they might be offended. And that last statement is no doubt offensive to certain sections of Islam too. And that one. Hmmm, better stop now.

Conservative small towner outraged shocker

Meanwhile over in the land of the free some small towners in America have been outraged by that insult to deceny which is freedom of expression. One total eejit demanded the removal of a book which was full of bad language (no, of course he didn’t read it). The book was … wait for it… Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. For added irony he wanted to ban a book about banned books while the American libraries were running their Banned Books promotion (because everyone in the booktrade believes solidly in freedom of expression. Except perhaps on blogs). Meanwhile I mentioned an ongoing story on the FPI blog about yet another bunch of small-minded, small town yokels who are demanding their local library stop peddling porno filth in the form of two adult graphic novels, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel and Blankets by Craig Thompson.

Both are critically acclaimed works aimed squarely at adults but apparently ‘children might read them’ Yeah, and kids might find Uncle Fred’s S&M Donkey Shagging porno stash too. Or sticking with the library they might find books on sex in the health section.They aren’t in the kid’s section, so what is the problem? If you are letting your tiny tot wander round picking up and reading anything don’t blame the librarians (or booksellers as I have had personal experience of this crap here too myself) it’s your job as a parent to look after your little sprog, not to police other adults. Alison’s book I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but Blankets is a fabulous book and far from being pornographic is actually very touching and sweet. And these people are outraged that the library spent public money buying these books. Well guess what? The public libraries buy religious books which I don’t approve of and mind-rotting inane potboiler thrillers and slushy romances too, all of which I think are a waste of paper but I don’t go round demanding the libraries stop buying them. I’d just poke fun at the braindead morons who find these things intellectually stretching.