Silent bar

Just watching a segment on news from the US on BBC News 24. Apparently the hip, new place to hang out is a bar called Danno’s. A couple of guy’s got so fed up with bars where the music was so loud people had to scream to be heard, so they started their own silent bar. Whispers only are allowed, but the preferred mode of communication is pencil and paper. Never ones to miss a new trick New York’s trendy set are using this bar to not only have a stress-free relaxation zone but to flirt with people.

Personally I like a little life in my pubs, but one or two of these places would be a gas. I get very annoyed when some pubs play the music so loud that you can’t actually chat to your friends. If I want poundingly loud music I’ll go to a club – I don’t want it in the pub. I go to the pub to socialise with people, not to learn the fine art of lip-reading. Some pubs such as Wetherspoons do have a no music policy, but they are so large and so busy they are still a pretty damned noisy place. Besides they have now crossed over to the Silly Side of the force by having a no swearing rule! Apparently it offends some poor gentle souls. Well f**k me.