What did she say?

Was the big news story from the Labour Party back-slapping… Sorry, conference, the final speech by Blair before he (finally) steps down (before being pushed down)? Nope. Was it Gordon Brown’s “I know I have the charm and charisma of a miserly hermit trout but I so want to be Prime Minister” speech? Nope. It was Cherie Blair and her famously big mouth (in more than one sense of the phrase). Did she really comments “lies” as she saw Gordon Brown speaking about what a privilge it was to work with Blair? And if she did, did she mean the Chancellor was telling porkies or did she mean she knew it wasn’t a privilige to serve under a spin-obsessed war criminal? And perhaps the Bloomberg reporter didn’t hear her correctly – after all there is no recording so it is one woman’s word against the other (although Cherie has a brilliant record of putting her foot in it). So if she didn’t bad-temperdly mutter “lies” what did she say?

She was actually complimenting the Bloomberg reporter’s figure “nice thighs”

She was thinking out loud that it was John Prescott who beat her to the buffet table “who ate all the pies”

She was wondering what birthday present to get for Tony’s great uncle and concluded “a couple of silk ties”