Final Shooting War

At last artist Dan Goldman dropped me a line to say that the final part of the webcomic incarnation of the bloody brilliant Shooting War is now online (poor Anthony writing it while moving into a new home and he still managed to put in topical references including one to recent Isreali attacks in the Lebanon). I was wondering how they would wrap it up without blowing the ending for the print version which is due in hardback next autumn, but they managed to do it in a way which leaves you begging to know more (the webcomic will be about a third of the finished print version I’m hearing).

Its got a good dose of tension, action and politics mixed with dark humour; a fundamentalist terrorist tells how he was about to shoot down the presidential plane years before but Allah appeared in a vision and told him this George Bush would be far more use to the cause of jihad if they let him live to cause trouble – funny but depressingly true at the same time. Its bloody good stuff and if you haven’t tried it yet then go check it out, all the earlier parts are still up there on