Free Josh Wolf

You may remember me blogging on the dreadful plight of Josh Wolf, persecuted by the Bush Junta and his Gestapo agents of fear (for the protection of all of course). I thought this poem posted to his blog while he is incarcerated for no crime was worth repeating here:

My pen is a knife
Stabbing at the bitter truth
My camera is a gun
Shooting reality at 30 frames-per-second.
And my voice is a cannon
Booming into the night, a rallying cry.

I am a prisoner of war.
Captured in the campaign to destroy the press.
A political prisoner accused of no crime,
Another casualty in a civil war for civil liberties.

I’ve practised with both pen and the sword over the years; much as I enjoyed my foil and sabre duelling the pen has always proved to be by far the more flexible weapon for defence and offence. Heart, eyes, thought, writing, opinion: the most powerful force in creation. Those who would take our liberties fear us because they have none of these qualities. Their heart was replaced by an oil filter, their eyes are electronic and ever-watching yet see nothing real, thought is replaced with ideological mantra to save the chore of considering their own actions and responsibilities, writing is the dull scripture of dead men and modern weasels who say nothing but pour bile and opinion is what they are told. In the long term our weapons will prevail.