Comics site Newsarama is one I check regularly to see what’s going on in the four-colour biz. Most Excellent scribe Paul Jenkins has a semi-regularly (as he says, ‘regularly’ means whenever he manages it) column called Flogging a Dead Horse, which I always read. This time round he describes excrutiating faux pas at a comics convention amongst others, while earlier columns have covered touching little family dramas such as the time he picks up his missus, Nigh Perfet as she is known, from hospital, talking in tongues and loud outbursts as she is still full of post-op drugs while he is on a hands-free conference phone in the car trying to take part in a radio interview for a major Marvel project as Nigh Perfect raves loudly in the seat next to him and occassionally shouts at passing cops.

Seriously, this is a comics column you can read if you never read comics, its just bloody brilliant and you should treat yourself to some good guffaws. Adrock, for some reason I’m thinking you especially will enjoy Flogging a Dead Horse for some reason.