Down at the Fidra end of the beach, near the lighthouse.

Same dried out tree trunk I took pics of ages back, now with added decorations

Splash!!!! After all you just can’t go to the beach and not throw stones into the water.

Dune. When looking for the spice Melange you need to beware of the Sandworms.

What time is it? To us a beach sundial. To Bruce the greyhound it’s a doggy loo.

The Blair Beach Project

In North Berwick proper, the big mural of the seafront and the Bass Rock, one time fortress, prison and now one of the biggest bird sanctuaries in Europe.

Meanwhile, much later the sun set over the Forth at Crammond. At low tide you can walk out the rough caseway to the island (great for picnics, but watch that tide!). It is dotted with old buildings left over as defence points from two world wars to protect nearby Rosyth naval dockyard.