Shock news – Bush is stupid!

The general gist of this article from Raw Story via a former US ambassador (what is this with me posting about ambassadors today???) about the sheer ignorance of Dubyah and his cabinet will not surprise many as few people, even those better disposed to him than I, consider him to be much of an intellectual. However it does underline that utter disregard Bush and his cronies have for doing any preparation or research (or having someone to do it for them then summarise it in simple Pfuffin picture book format for him to read) before committing to long-term courses of action. Ignorance really is deadly (although unfortunately in this case only to many Iraqis and many US, UK and other service personnel, not to the idiot who made the ill-informed decision in between golf and flipping burgers). (via Anthony – the Shooting War writer – at his GNN blog).