Adrock, you’re it

Since Paul tagged me to do this, here it is and I hereby pass the curse on to Adrock, who will set his answers to some dodgy ‘lost’ dance classics no doubt:

5 Things In My Freezer

Lots of ice cubes – been so hot even the cats need them in their water dish. Now worried they will start demanding straws next, then they will dispense with water in favour of Baileys on ice.

Veggie bacon – very yummy, bugger all fat, no dead piggy.

Bottle of vodka

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Ice Cream (not for long)

Assorted dismembered body parts (always store your body parts on the lower freezer shelf, people, remember your basic food hygeine)

5 Things In My Car

I live in the middle of Edinburgh, a car is utterly bloody pointless here. 5 things in my bus to work though would include

The Driver


My bag

Other passengers (they ride under glass, you know)

Obligatory old lady who looks a bit like Yoda but makes even less sense.

5 Things In My Purse!!! (PURSE!!!)

Okay, cars, purses, getting the impression this thing is a little skewed a certain way. Will my manly yet stylish Penguin Publishers bag blagged from a kindly book rep do?

Flash memory stick
MP3 player
Digital Camera
New Arabian Nights tales by Robert Louis Stevenson
Battered and dog-eared Film Festival programme (see the earlier post on Film Festing)

5 Things In My Closet

Actually it is a wardrobe, does that count?

Clothes, with assorted bits of cat fur stuck to them like Velcro
One of my many candle stashes
White ‘Casablanca’ style dinner jacket
The fancy patent leather shoes to go with aforementioned DJ, just in case I ever need to stand in for Rick in Casablanca. I rarely do, but you never know. For similar reasons I keep a copy of the Marseilles handy in case I need to drown out some rowdy Nazis.
5.7 deceased moths

There we go … now its Adrock’s turn.