Sleepy kitten

Between tsunamis and one bunch of nutters having a go at another bunch of nutters and managing only to kill civilians I thought instead of commenting I’d just post some nice pictures to remind us there are still good things around.

Window open so she can go out, now she’d rather curl up in her little window bench and enjoy a quiet nap. After playing for 20 minutes any cat needs a good lie-down on a hot day.

Love the way she covers her face with those dainty little paws – damned paparazzi, no more pictures! Or perhaps she is doing her “I vant to be alone, darlink” thing.

Meanwhile her equally sleepy cousins catch a nap, with Cassie using her sister Pandora as her personal pillow/teddy bear and snuggling into her.

Ohhhh, warm sunbeam to lie in, perfect… If only I remembered where my sunglasses were…

And now for something completely different…

Some space hopper fun at a recent BBQ – I didn’t know you could now get adult-sized space hopper racing sets with three hoppers and even a whistle to start the race!

Short of deck chairs at your barbie? Use space hoppers! Oh, and nice legs 🙂

Trust Mel’s cousin Sharon to end up in a rude pose…

Ready, steady… And they’re off! Forget the Cheltenam Gold Cup, the Garden Beer Bottle is a far more enjoyable race.

Badoing, badoing!!!! Does this make my bum look big?

“Girl, I want too bounce with you, all day and all of the night…”