Super radio

I’m going to be on BBC Scotland’s Radio Cafe programme, some time between 1 and 2pm (same programme I did the V for Vendetta piece for back in the spring, should be archived for a few days) to talk about Superman Returns. I caught the press screening last weekend (why did we have to wait ten days longer than the US???) and absolutely loved it. That John Williams theme from the Chris Reeve’s era movies (surely one of the most recognisable pieces of film music, up there with the Star Wars and Godfather themes) came up, the 70s style titles and I was just in fanboy heaven – this was a film that pleased the ten year old me who remember those older films and pleased the grown up me now, something Lucas so badly failed to do with the newer Star Wars movies.

And the good thing is that you don’t have to be a fanboy – this a big budget, summer blockbuster with spectacular effects (as it should with that budget) but it also has a great emotional core and you don’t need to know about the older films and comics to get it all. I will be going back to see it again. I’ve posted a short review over on the FPI blog the other day.