Football more important than lives and world events according to BBC

I’ve mentioned before how annoyed I am that the BBC often tends to forget the news is being broadcast to the whole of the UK and assumes that everyone wants to know about the English football or cricket teams and that these stories are so important they put them in the headlines as well as in the sports segment. I’m not interested very much in Scottish results either, which is why I like to watch the news part of the news and go and make a cuppa when the sports piece comes on, but now I have sports stories pushed at me. World cup football has exacerbated both problems.

Today the BBC went even further. Today they went from annoying me to disgusting me. The main BBC TV news throughout today had the headline top story of David Beckham resigning. Relegated to second story was the death of two British soldiers in action in Afghanistan. Yes, it is official – the BBC considers the death of British soldiers not as important as some braindead footballer. The day after the BBC gave coverage to the moving events for the 90th anniversary of the awful slaughter on the Somme they consider a man more famous for his hairstyles than sports ability more important than fallen soldiers in current misadventures abroad. Nice message to send to the relatives of people with family members serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, BBC. Whichever editor picked this running order then stuck with it all day for each broadcast deserves to have his or her arse kicked and feel utterly ashamed of themselves.