FPI second podcast

After the short, first test podcast a few weeks back my web colleagues Paul, Lee and myself have put together a new show for the second Forbidden Planet International podcast. Lee covers some of the cool merch from the webstore while Paul, our resident dungeon-dwelling game fiend has the RPG segment, as well as editing it all together. It won’t surprise anyone to know I have the SF books and graphic novels part of the podcast.

Paul has also created a new homepage for the podcast on the main webstore, with pics of the items we review linked to them on the website, so if you like the sound of something you cna click right through to it and check it out. It can be streamed with the windows media player or you can download it for an MP3 player – hopefully we’ll set it up so folks can subscribe to it as they do with many other podcasts, ditto on archiving previous podcasts, but we’re still learning as we go and no doubt will pick up and do more as we progress. And thanks to Cory Doctorow for giving us a nice mention on Boing Boing.