Cameron’s rights

Following on from yesterday’s post about Conservative leader Tony Blair… Sorry, David Cameron’s (hard to tell them apart) ill thought out scheme for the Human Rights legislation I see he has been panned by politicians of all types, lawyers and, most amusingly on the excellent Channel 4 News this evening Cameron’s former politics tutor from university commented that it was badly put together and that if he had put these proposals forward in an essay he would have instructed him to go back and rewrite it! Heh.

Interestingly I haven’t noticed any of the (London-based) media commenting on the fact that the Scottish legal system is seperate and we passed the rights legislation into Scots law ourselves. Instead they keep commenting about ‘British’ law in their myopic way, which is sloppy reporting since there isn’t really such a thing – even before the return of the Edinburgh parliament seperate acts or amendments had to be passed to make any law valid also in Scotland. But then most of the London media probably aren’t aware of that, even the political commentators; then again, many of them are unaware ‘Britain’ extends much further north than Watford (except for that mystical place they. refer to as ‘the North’, which to me is actually south).