Footie Thugs

A rather nasty follow-up to my post last week about the world cup and the BBC going rather overboard with St George’s flags: in two seperate attacks bigoted thugs assaulted people who were wearing England tops, one in Aberdeen and one here in Edinburgh. While driving around with an English flag fluttering from your car is probably not the smartest move in Scotland, you may expect it to cause a bit of verbal, but this is just sickening. Even more awful is the fact that the Edinburgh attack in the pleasant environs of Inverleith Park was on a primary school child by an adult clad in a Rangers top. Perhaps with the main footie season being over he had to find some other outlet for his bigoted hatred until he can again vent it on Saturdays at otehr team’s supporters.

I’m sure these scumbags think they are showing how patriotically Scottish they are, but the reality is they are cowardly thugs and their despicable actions are shameful and bring dishonour to Caledonia. Picking on a seven year old boy – wow, what a real braveheart you are, you cowardly, thuggish, brutish, ignorant git.