British Muslims and Jews Unite!

Yes, incredible but true – according to an article in the Independent British Jews and Muslims have found common ground. A recent committee has been examining the slaughter of animals for Halaal (Muslim) or Kosher (Jewish) food stores. Both have strict rules governing the slaughter of food animals according to their religion. Britain, being the nation of cuddly animal lovers that we are, has very strict rules on the slaughter of animals. In order to be humane they must be stunned before being killed.

The law exempts these religious groups who choose to slaughter several million animals a year by the simple process of tying them up and slitting their throats, waiting for the unfortunate animal to expire by bleeding to death. They claim this is more humane than stunning the animal. Excuse me while I say WHAT?!?!?

The committee agrees with me and has recommended to the government that these groups should go by the same law as all British slaughterhouses. Predictably the religious creeps have cried out that this violates their sacred rights etc, etc. My considered response is that if your religion involves torturing an animal to death then bollocks to you. One Jewish leader played the WWII card of course – you can never criticize Jewish groups of Israel without the old anti-Semitism charge of them using the war as a get out of jail card to do whatever they want, rest of the world be damned.

In fact he said banning kosher production was the first thing Hitler did in 1933. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Having humane regulations for animal slaughter means next we’re rounding folk up for a nasty kind of shower? Is he forgetting the country that has these rules is the same country who fought those Nazis for 6 long years (while in the Holy Land radical Jews were putting bombs under British soldier’s cars and shooting them in terrorist attacks, including a future Israeli prime minister). It is the 21st century and time these religious fragwits realised it. If they don’t like the rule then bollocks to them. I don’t care for religion of any persuasion, but I tolerate it – they should tolerate the laws of the land to apply to them as well as the bulk of the population. The animal must be undamaged of it is not kosher to eat. Stunning cause damage so it is not acceptable apparently. Hmmm, what exactly do they call slitting the animal’s throat? That’s pretty big damage surely?

Of course being an atheist who is also a vegetarian I’d rather they didn’t kill animals at all. Religion – oughta be a law against it.