Great news for fans of classic 2000AD comics – not only are further volumes of the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files on the way (volume 5 this autumn brings us up to the Apocalypse War – loads of lovely Carlos Ezquerra artwork), Rebellion have announced that they are now going to give Nemesis the same treatment. As with the JD Case Files, The Complete Nemesis the Warlock will take the form of large, black and white collections detailing all the strips in chronological order. I love the JD collection – and its shaping into a nice little library on my groaning shelves – and this looks terrific. Nemesis, set in a bizarre future Earth ruled over by xenophobic/religious lunatics headed by Tomas de Torquemada sees a struggle between humans who believe in racial purity and some truly bizarre alien lifeforms – Kevin O’Neill’s artwork if just bloody brilliant, I doubt we saw such downright weird aliens again until Ace Trucking Co years later.