Cow culture I’ve been snapping the various cows dotted around Edinburgh as part of the Cow Parade (I keep referring to it as South Park Cow Days). I’m not a fan of Jack Vettriano’s art – not because of the art snobbishness most of the Scottish art elite show to his work, just because I find it dull and repetitive – but I rather liked this version of one of his famous works on the side of a fake cow! And I like the cow version on the other side – very Gary Larson, don’t you think? Since this cow is on the hallowed ground of a church yard does that make it a Holy Cow?

Cyber Cow! This one looks like it belongs in some sort of odd Japanese SF or Anime flick.

Cyber cow has super steel udders!

Of course there is a Highland Cow (more properly pronounced as a Heelan’ Coo)

Wow, this cow gal has some cool body art! And this toucan just made me think of Guinness… Mmmm, Guinness… More cows later