The DNA of writers

Write a fiction story and find the campus rentacops, playing at being real big city detectives, demanding your prints and DNA. This story in Boing Boing just reinforces my views that we can’t allow increasingly draconian moves regarding the authorities and DNA records. And before you think if you live in the UK this doesn’t matter to you think about the Shirley McKie fingerprint fiasco and how even when totally clearned and indeed publically compensated no action has been taken over senior police and forensics people who were involved in that whole sorry mess (which the government also sat upon). And think on how Blair’s Labour Party in England is attempting to bring in a national DNA database by the back door and his cronies in the Scottish executive would very much like to but have been forced to pare back their ideas because they only govern in tandem with the Liberal Democrats who told them no. Never give these buggers an inch and never trust them with that sort of power and assume that all of them will only use it for good.

On another political front, I am still waiting on my MP, Alistair Darling to actually reply to the questions I emailed to him way back on the 2nd of April. A full month afterwards, as I noted here, I emailed once more and asked if I was likely to receive a reply to my email regarding his support for biometric ID cards and my concerns over this. I received pretty much the same reply from an assistant along the lines of thanks, this will be passed to your MP who will reply to you soon, which was the same reply I got a month before. Several weeks on from that and I still am waiting for the man who is supposed to be the representative of the voters in my constituency to actually reply to me (not that I expect much from that reply to be honest, probably bland reasons why I shouldn’t be concerned). Obviously I don’t expect an instant response and am sure he has plenty of things to keep him busy and other people contacting him, as well as comforting colleagues who have been exposed in various scandals, but it is now the 22nd of May and I am still waiting for my MP to bother replying to me.

50-odd days so far. I think that is long enough for him to reply to one of his constituents, don’t you? I wonder if anyone knows if there is a website with statistics on how well our so-called representatives deal with their constituents’ concerns and problems, which is, after all their actual job, not playing party politics. And politicians wonder why the electorate are so apathetic that many no longer even bothering to vote anymore…