Heard the one about the Alien and the Wooden Rocket?

Just heard the great news that our most excellent SF website The Alien Online has won a Wooden Rocket award for best online magazine.This is the first year the awards have run, voted for by the readers of the SF Crow’snest. As each person could only vote once it obviously wasn’t ballot-stuffing by the TAO crew but genuine votes by people who obviously appreciate and enjoy what we all do there. It’s a very rewarding feeling for myself, I’m sure the rest of the crew are over a number of moons and a very welcome pat on the back (with rubber gloves in case he’s still contagious) for the site editor Ariel. As we all do this for the love of it it means even more to know that the SF community out there really do appreciate what we’re doing. Thanks to those who voted and to the Crow’snest.