Rockin’ and rollin’

My mate and colleague Paul and his crew in the rockin’ Jet City Rednecks spent the recent bank holiday weekend in the studio cutting their EP White Trash Noise. I heard some of the results today and they were terrific. Okay, obviously I am biased since he’s my mate, but I really did enjoy these tracks – it was a deliberate move on their part to make a solid, old-fashioned heavy cock-rock sound with a 70s/early 80s feel (sometimes the guitars reminded me of Thin Lizzy, which isn’t a bad thing if you like rock) singing about drinkin’ and shaggin’ and other important things in life. They were all toe-tapping, head-boppin’ tracks to happily rock out to and they are now available on the EP via the group’s website. Leicester’s answer to rock’n’roll white trailer trash will also be live again in July.