New look blog

As part of the new website development at FPI my colleague and I spend a chunk of today reworking the original FPI blog which I maintain. We moved it and switched to Word Press, which I know a lot of friends have been using, with a nice, seamless redirect from the old address straight to the new version. We even managed to get the old posts imported, links and all, which was pretty nifty. I must admit to rather liking it although I will need to play around with it a bit to get used to it, maybe think about switching the Woolamaloo to Word Press sometime, then again maybe not.

We also closed down the graphic novel standalone site today and put in a redirect to the new site. Since I finished copying every single graphic novel onto the new site too (and since I was constantly adding lots of new stuff to both sites while I did this it was a BIG job!) it was time to ring down the curtain on that version. I much prefer the new, more flexible and dynamic site – better images on the new titles and we have added features like preview pages, made it easier for folks to add their own reviews, put in pages with awards lists, the What the Author Says feature and more that the old site just couldn’t support. It is also a lot easier to use, although I will miss the old site a little since it was the first site I built at FPI.