Thought I might take a virtual leaf from Alex’s blog to mention some of the music I’ve been listening too recently. Realised it would almost be the same as Alex’s blog because I’ve been listening to his groovy Fog albums and the chilled-out ambience of the Boards of Canada, slow-grooving to them by the light of my lava lamp, much to the amusements of the cats.

Right now I am listening to a band called Nickel Creek that my chum Kate from Virginia put me on to. Proper bluegrass folksy stuff (including one based around a Robert Burns song) – bluegrass meets Cowboy Junkies I suppose. Gorgeous stuff. Passed on some Robert Johnson early blues to her – proper sold my soul to the devil at the crossroads kind of blues.

On a completely different note I can’t help wonder how Alex got on with the Alice Cooper I loaned to him. Maybe I’ll hit him with some Yo Yo Ma on Bach cello next. Let it never be said my tastes are not broad ranging.