Creepy baby ad

Is it just me or is the current advert for Velvet loo roll (you can see it here) with a baby in a business suit quite creepy? I assume it is meant to be kind of cute and make you think their loo roll is as soft as the proverbial baby’s bum, but the way they have made the infant on the advert he looks dreadfully creepy. Actually, despite the childish voice the way the boy moves makes him look more like a dwarf, the rare variety who are perfectly proportioned (sorry, can’t recall the proper term for that); in fact he reminds me of Harry Doll who, along with the Doll Family, worked the old carnival circuit in the US and appeared with other performers in Tod Browning’s distubring 1930s horror film Freaks. Or perhaps the baby really is a businessman and starting work this early in life is the only way he can earn enough of a pension fund to retire before his 80th birthday (obviously not a public sector worker!).

Still on the advert front I was left giggling at the Special K ad, which, as ever, boasted the wonderful diet aspects of this tasteless cereal (sod the health, give me marshmallow bits in my cereal!) by showing us a skinny model in a red swimsuit who clearly needs to actually eat something, not diet. The bit that makes me giggle is the offer for a watch which tells you how many calories what you do is burning (of course I thought, what happens if you wear it during a good shagging session? If you found you had burned loads of cals would the women then decide they had to have more sex? We can but hope) and ends with ‘see you by the pool’ as she dives right in – straight after eating a bowl of Special K! Swimming right after eating??? Good grief! Those buggers at kellogs are trying to kill us!!! She isn’t going to gain weight because she is going to get cramps and drown in the pool!