Film: Freediver

This is just a stunningly beautiful short film from The Avant Garde Diaries team, following freediver William Trubridge into the depths of the sea, no oxygen cylinders, no scuba gear. I’ve had a fascination for this sport since I first saw The Big Blue decades ago (it remains one of my favourite films) and like that film this features some gorgeous underwater cinematography, here presented in a wonderfully crisp, almost ethereal, otherworldly monochrome (more of their videos here):

William Trubridge – Freediver from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

Vie d’Enfer

Vie d’Enfer is a terrific short animated film, where a portly wee demon who clearly loves his work of tormenting the damned gets a bit carried away, overloads the torture machine and blows himself all the way to the opposing realm, where the soon runs amuck. The animation style is great, with a genuine sense of fun and dark humour that will appeal to folk like me who enjoy Edward Gorey and Tim Burton:

Vie d’Enfer from Thomas EID on Vimeo.


Ovo is a very well-made and interesting looking short science fiction film from WeWereMonkeys, directed by Mihai Wilson, following three criminals, survivors of a larger group who crash-landed on an inhospitable world, now starving and fighting among themselves, but their actions and presence on this planet will trigger an unusual event they can’t foresee:

OVO from WeWereMonkeys on Vimeo.

Star Wars versus Star Trek…

This short film plays right into a long running subject that many in Geekdom have wondered about and which they only normally get to see either in fan fiction or in some (sometimes very heated!) debate – Star Trek versus Star Wars, and one of the great what ifs in science fiction. So we see the Enterprise appear floating over San Francisco Bay, dropping off some whales (as it does), but this is a San Francisco run by the Empire. Imperial stormtroopers on the street, an Imperial Walker takes pot shots at the Enterprise, a TIE Fighter launches at her and even a bulky Imperial Star Destroyer comes flying over the city to take a shot at the Big E, but the Federation ship’s superior shield technology shrugs it all off. So the Empire brings in the Death Star… Some cracking effects in this fun short:

Film: the Deep End

Here’s another very interesting short film starring Daniela Flynn, who was the lead in the excellent short science fiction film Expo I blogged about yesterday. The Deep End, written and directed by Meredith Koch, follows a young woman in a mental institution in 1950s America, who glimpses a beautiful red butterfly emerge from its chrysalis, and the butterfly starts to become a symbol to her, perhaps even a guide to choosing between reality and fantasy:

THE DEEP END (lead, 2012 Official Selection LA Shorts Fest) from Daniela Flynn on Vimeo.

Short film: Expo

Expo is a deeply moving, very emotional short science fiction film directed by Joe Sill. Boasting some beautifully shot visuals as it follows a working mother, alone on a dangerous industrial Lunar base, as she gets a message from home, with the worst news any parent can receive, that her seriously ill child has lost her fight against her illness. The huge loss is amplifies by her vast isolation, alone on the Moon, the Earth, home, her now deceased child, all a vast distance away, hanging in the sky over her stark Lunar workplace. Actress Daniela Flynn gives a powerful performance, conveying the loss and emotion even through her protective spacesuit helmet, to give this well-shot short a huge emotional punch:

EXPO from Joe Sill on Vimeo.

Film: the German

Cracking short film by Nick Ryan, The German sees a the pilot of an RAF Spitfire locked in a duel with a Luftwaffe ME 109 during the Battle of Britain. Determined to claim the Nazi pilot who shot down his friend the Spitfire pilot pursues the fleeing Messerschmit, the two exchanging fire, evading, chasing, diving through clouds, to a surprising conclusion:

The German from Nick Ryan on Vimeo.

Having a look around Vimeo I spotted another short ten minute film by Nick, A Lonely Sky, a gripping short movie about the attempts to break the sound barrier in the 1940s, complete with an appearance by Keir Dullea of 2001 fame, well worth a watch:

A Lonely Sky from Nick Ryan on Vimeo.

The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb

A cracking find online – this short work by Clement Bolla, Fx Goby and Matthieu Landour pays great homage to those classic creature features so beloved of 1950s Sci-Fi, as a young man working night security in a film studio can’t resist trying on a monster costume to play a practical joke, which snowballs into a series of increasingly out of control situations. I really like the setting, which has a sort of 1950s/60s feel to it that could be Britain or America, it’s undefined and really suits the tale very well:

The elaborate end of Robert Ebb from Robert Ebb on Vimeo.