Saw Music on a Spring Evening

Walking home from work the other evening, after weeks of pretty yucky weather we’ve had several days of glorious spring, gorgeous golden light over Edinburgh as I was walking home in the evening. I just got my new camera back from the repair shop the day before (after a couple of years of waiting to be able to buy it what happens? Freak accident just a couple of months after I got it, water bottle burst in my bag. Argh) and with such nice light I thought I’d try it out on the walk home. I heard wonderfully weird music that sounded familiar and indeed it was – as I passed the Adam Smith monument near Mercat Cross I found Edgar Guerreiro playing his musical saw, the delightfully eerie sounds drifting out over the Royal Mile.

saw music on a spring evening 02

I’ve seen “The Saw Man” a few times on the Royal Mile, but more usually during the Festival in the summer, so was nice surprise to see him playing the Mile at this time of year. I put a few shekels in his collection box and since he was rather handily facing right towards the evening sun I had great natural light to take a couple of portrait pics.

saw music on a spring evening 03

Blue Hour

It’s dark well before I leave work at this time of year, but those short daylight hours and long, dark Scottish nights are not entirely bad news, because it means I get views like this “blue hour” shot looking up the Royal Mile (although I should add that western horizon was black to my eyes, the pale blue only came out with a long exposure):

Royal Mile, blue hour

Fringe time

It’s August and it’s festival time here in Edinburgh, the city bursting at the seams as the Fringe and the International Festival kicked off over the weekend, the world’s largest arts festival now in full swing, and the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the world’s biggest literary fest, starts next weekend (and I will be chairing a couple of events there again this year). Part of the Royal Mile is given over to the Fringe performers – with hundreds of shows it’s no easy task to get audiences, they have to fight for bums on seats, so they strut their stuff on the Mile, many in costume, some doing excerpts from their shows on the mini stages to entice audiences. It’s madly busy – almost literally wall to wall with people across the breadth of that historic thoroughfare – but it’s also a happy hunting ground for me to snap some more photos, and I tend to take a ridiculous amount this month (and the views on my Flickr tend to go mad as well as folks all over look for pics of the festival).

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 01The first pic I shot at this year’s Fringe, actually a couple of days before it officially started, but it was on my way home from work and I thought some performers may be out already (some preview show were running by then), and my first shot was this group of Asian performers posting up their flyers for their show. Just as I lined it up the lovely lady turned around, saw me and gave me a nice big smile and wave, which was a nice way to start my festival season of photos. Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 02

Sushi Tap 2, with their rather eye-catching neon pink costumes, hard to miss, even once the Mile filled up with more people over the weekend!

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 03Korean troupe Maro have brought Leodo: the Paradise to the Fringe Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 06

“Living” statue performer as a cyclist

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 07Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 010

Cabaret Farce

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 012Hibiki, a troupe of traditional Japanese drummers – wonderfully kinetic performance Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 013

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 016Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 017

John Robertson’s The Dark Room

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 018Follow the Faun! Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 021

Charming performers from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 022Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 023

Of course all the hurly-burly of the crowds and performers and the summer sunshine can be too much for some – this chap just settled right down on the busy steps of Saint Giles Cathedral and nodded off

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 024Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 026

Waking Beauty, a look at fairy tales from a feminine perspective

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 030This musician was singing arias, which rang out beautifully clear even across the din of the busy festival street Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 034

With their black garb and white masks the performers from Baggage were just perfect for a monochrome shot

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 040Taiwanese dancers from Gaze of the Kavaluan Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 036

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 041Actors from Knowledge and the Girl, a reworking of Snow White for a more feminine and sexually mature audience Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 046

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 050Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 044

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 051Pirate gals from According to Arthur – they very kindly offered me a balloon too! Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 055

Singers from The Sweet Nothings, an all-women a cappella singing group

Edinburgh Fringe on the Mile 2015 052

More pics (and larger formats) over on my Flickr page under this tag for the Fringe pics

Edinburgh – ‘blue hour’

It’s dark well before I leave for work at this time of year, but while some complain about the increasingly long, dark nights I see it as a chance to enjoy the city’s nocturnal face, and to take some more night shots. I was lucky enough to be walking home from work at just the right time this week to capture a ‘blue hour’ shot – a phrase used by some photographers to refer to catching an early night shot, when most of the sky has gone dark but there is still just a tiny glimmer of pale, blue light in the western horizon. Walking up the Royal Mile which runs east to west and slopes upwards along the spine of the volcanic ridge the Old Town sits on, the sky above and behind me was already dark, but just a little light still to the west, and of course on a long exposure on the camera is seems much brighter as it spent a couple of minutes drinking in the scant light. I love capturing these moments even mroe than a full night shot, you get the illuminated street scenes of a busy night-time city but also that little blue light to silhouette some of the buildings too. This image must have been shared somewhere, because my views for it went crazy on my Flickr stream – over 2600 views in less than 20 hours of posting, which is pretty satisfying. Click the pic to see the larger versions on my Flickr:

Extreme street acupuncture!

Walking home from work earlier this week on a very fine, sunny spring evening, spotted a crowd of tourists on the Royal Mile watching this street performer, Sideshow Stevie, paused on route home, had missed most of the act but did see little of his final part…

Which involved this small bed of nails, laid across his tummy

Then this fairly hefty chap climbed up and stood on the board!


Now that is a pretty extreme form of acupuncture!

Edinburgh moonrise

Moonrise over Edinburgh – spotted on walk home from work, sun almost vanished in the west, glanced over shoulder to see moon rising in a pale eastern sky. I stood to one side on the Royal Mile, right by the Mercat Cross. Stand a few feet to the left or right and this scene wouldn’t exist, but stand in just the right spot and there is is, an early spring moon rising right above the royal unicorn and saltire atop the Mercat Cross. Most folks walked past on their way home from work without even noticing. For those of us who do know to look for these things though, sometimes, just sometimes in the mundane, workaday world, you can find a moment of magic…

More photos from the Fringe

Well, that’s the world’s biggest art festival been and gone for another year, and as usual I snapped a lot of photos around the Fringe, mostly on the Royal Mile where there’s a section put aside especially for performers to gather to promote their shows (with hundreds of events you have to fight to be noticed and get an audience – not unknown for some Fringe shows to end up with just a few people in the audience in some shows, it’s a hard festival on performers and companies). I’ve actually still got a batch more to go up that I’ve not had time to process and upload to my Flickr yet (been busy with the final weekend of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, see my report the other day).

My average views on my Flickr usually go up a lot during the festival season as folks from all over look for pics from this year’s Edinburgh festivals and some of my older ones. Often I get double my normal average views. This year quite a number of times I got triple, taking me to an all time personal best, well over 6000 views in one day. Then the following day that record was smashed again with 7000-plus… Few days later 8000-plus. Topped out at just a smidgen under 10,000 at the high-water mark. Quite why it went so far beyond even the normal higher figures I usually see during the Festival I have no idea, but I’m certainly not arguing and will take ’em! Anyway, here’s a second selection of photos (click for the larger versions on my Flickr)

performers on the Mile 070

performers on the Mile 081
(the happiest party on Earth!)

performers on the Mile 092
(Performer from Fringe production of The Tempest – wonder if he is Caliban?)

performers on the Mile 097
(how could you say no to a face like this?! “Dott Cotton, International Idiot”, spotted her several times miming and clowning on the Mile, very good)
performers on the Mile 0125

performers on the Mile 0104
(performers from a production of The Canterbury Tales)
performers on the Mile 0106

performers on the Mile 0112
(some very energetic and enthusiastic dancers)
performers on the Mile 0111

performers on the Mile 0121
(Yes, it is a man dressed as a giant banana, with a mouthful of bananas, lying in a cobbled street in the historic Royal Mile. Must be the Fringe…)

performers on the Mile 0127
(Performers from A Note of Dischord, a steampunk tale based on Sydney Padua’s 2D Goggles webcomic)

performers on the Mile 0123
(performers from Music Show Wedding, a Fringe production from Korea)
performers on the Mile 0124

performers on the Mile 0135
(actors from a production of Peter Pan)
performers on the Mile 0136
performers on the Mile 0130

performers on the Mile 0144
(Titus Andronicus, always a rather bloody affair…)

performers on the Mile 0147
(more Steampunk fun from A Note of Dischord, kindly posing with their blunderbuss)

performers on the Mile 0151
(dancer on the Royal Mile, gazing into her crystal ball)

performers on the Mile 0157
(actress from a Fringe production of Macbeth)

performers on the Mile 052
(these young performers from a school in Oklahoma had a show called Shakespearience)
performers on the Mile 057

performers on the Mile 045
(young violinist on the Mile, with a practically glowing complexion)

performers on the Mile 041
(performers from A Romance)
performers on the Mile 037

performers on the Mile 036
(‘living statue’ lady in front of Saint Giles)

performers on the Mile 030
(rather fit and flexible young ballet dancer performing on one of the small stages on the Mile)

performers on the Mile 024
(tell me the kid at the far left of this row doesn’t look like a young Woody Allen in this pic?)

performers on the Mile 022
(performers from Hungry Bitches)

performers on the Mile 027
(a nearly naked, hairy man in a tutu? Not an unusual sight in Edinburgh during the Festival…)

performers on the Mile 016
(lady and her very friendly puppet friend)

Festival time

It’s August, it’s Festival time, the city is incredibly busy and the Fringe begins properly this weekend, although some performers have been doing preview shows for several days already. Came out of work yesterday a bit late, rainy day had gone and sun had put his hat back on, so I thought I’d de-stress by walking up the Royal Mile with the camera out and start bagging my first Fringe pics of 2011, got a bunch already, doubtless as usual I will take far too many over the next few weeks. First Fringe with the new camera, which technically is a better camera than my old, deceased on, but I got some great work out of that old one so the new one has a lot to live up to. Certainly worked nicely last night as I bagged my first couple of dozen Fringe pics with it, starting with this group from Diamond Dick, who were all dressed and made up in the style of 1920s silent movie folks:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 03

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 06

(I am such a sucker for that Louise Brooks style...)

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 010

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 015

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 026

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 028

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 029

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 022

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 019

and this scene with the Fringe performers trying to bring a smile to an infant’s face was just to cute not to snap as it happened right in front of me:

Fringe on the Royal Mile 2011 017

If it runs like previous years I’m sure I’ll have plenty more pics to follow through August on my Flickr, which has now reached to a ridiculous more than 6, 000 images level..

Classics on the Mile

Walking home from work on a sunny evening last week I had the lovely surprise discovery on the Royal Mile of a gaggle of classic old Bentley tourers, must have been out for a summer classic car rally, parked along the historic Royal Mile and in front of Saint Giles Cathedral at Parliament Square:

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 06

Got to love the old fashioned big lever handbrake on the outside of the cab – I don’t know why but these always appeal to me:

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 07

The classic British Racing Green colour that suits open top old Brit sports cars and grand tourers so well. Luckily the sun came out and all the chrome was gleaming in the evening sunshine. Love the big, leather straps on the bonnet too. Sudden urge to don leather flying helmet and goggles then race this lovely machine across the continent to Monte Carlo while trying to beat the fiendish cad Terry Thomas :-)

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 03

One chap fired his Bentley up while I was taking pictures and did a u-turn, no easy task in something this size – they may be gorgeous and fast but they’re not exactly known for a city-friendly tight turning circle! I switched to video for a few seconds mostly to try and get a little of that engine noise, sounds like it belongs in a Spitfire :-) Lovely thing so just come across at the end of a day’s work, certainly made me smile, I do like when the city offers up little presents like this…

Loved this unusual semi-convertible in Parliament Square, which I am told is a Sedanca ‘Teardrop’ Coupe Bentley:

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 013

classic Bentley on the Royal Mile 01

Fringe time

The Edinburgh Festival moves into full swing with the International Festival and Book Festival joining the Fringe which has been going for a week already. The city centre is bursting at the seams between tourists (which we have all the year round, more in the summer, of course) and and Festival goers – the city’s population practically doubles during August. Just trying to walk home from work of an evening is a nightmare, the streets are jam packed and most of the folks are moving slowly so it can be quite frustrating when you are trying to get around your normal working day, it’s not so bad when you are off and can relax and enjoy the vibe. That said it does give ma some good opportunities for some street shots on the way home, walking up the Royal Mile where a section of kept for performers to big up their shows, from handing out flyers to actually performing segments of their shows on the street or on tiny stages, to attract audiences, and with thousands of shows running the month you have to work to get your show noticed and get those bums on seats.

Fringe 2010 - big wheel unicycle

Performers range from unicyclers and jugglers to singers, musicians, comedy acts, plays, magic, dancing, it’s pretty much all there and you can get a great taster of it walking the Mile.

Fringe 2010 - Red Cello 04

These guys were walking in super slow motion up the Mile (still pic, so you will have to take my word for it!), which did mean for a change with street shots I had time to get in position and get off a few shots. I’ve mentally named the guy on the rear left here ‘Igor’. I think he looks like an Igor from some mad scientist lab.

Fringe 2010 - the slow walking men in white 03

I passed the stilt-walking puppet master with his human marionette again last night, love their act – the girl is very expressive – and when I put some shekels in their collection box she blew me a kiss! I’m in there :-)

Fringe 2010 - like a puppet on a string 011

We even have saucy space vixens in fab retro futuristic silver space garb and sexy silver space boots!

Fringe 2010 - Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens 01

Sometimes wardrobe accidents happen – this poor woman’s braces have clearly become caught on something:

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 019

We even have Batman, presumably over on a Scottish motorbiking holiday:

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 016

You’re never too old to bike!

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 015

Electra Glide in (Saltire) Blue?

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 011

We even saw a greener alternative to the hideously expensive, over budget, over time and disruptive tram system they are (failing) to build in Edinburgh – we shall all commute in giant hamster wheels! Although one friend suggested actually this made the guy looked like he was a character on a tarot card.

Fringe Cavalcade 2010 01

We even have zombies!
zombies in Edinburgh 06

and very sexy Little Mermaids with the Princesses show:

Fringe 2010 - Princess Cabaret 04