I first started the Woolamaloo Gazette in blog form back in April 2003, although it evolved out of an online spoof newspaper I used to email to friends in College from the early 90s onwards, where I satirised news stories which were bugging me. A friend persuaded me years later to do it in blog form and pretty soon I found that I could also use it for photos, talking about books, history, poetry, politics, Edinburgh and anything else I wanted. A few years back my then employers, Waterstone’s, objected to my less than positive comments on the blog about the way the company was going and how staff were treated and I was fired despite years of service and having promoted the company in the media many times. My union appealed and many friends, including fellow book reviewers, authors I had worked with and many people I’d never met took up the story and it went international, seriously tarnishing the company’s image for it’s heavy handed approach (people don’t care for a bookselling company using censorship) and the appeal was successful, although by then I had been offered a new job, where I get to promote good reading, which is great.

I take a great deal of photographs, some of which I put on here, but there are many more on the Woolamaloo Flickr (now over 4, 600 pics on all sorts of subjects, many of Edinburgh but on everything else, from street photography to pics of Paris, cats and anything else that takes my eye). You can contact me at laughingpenguin (at) woolamaloo (dot) org (dot) uk or follow me on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Joe,

    Just a general point about the site: A lot of the archive pages now seem to have blue-on-black text which is difficult – if not impossible – to read.

    Is this a coding glitch, or some attempt at post-ironic modernism? 🙂


    Nigel Stapley

  2. Judge, I had to change the WordPress theme recently and the blog itself has been around for many years on different blogging platforms and layouts, I suspect maybe some of the older pages have some coding glitch from their old platform that is clashing with the new WordPress theme layout, doubt there is much I will be able to about that sadly

  3. Hi There,

    You took a photo of me in 2013 Fringe. I am a female crystal ball juggler. I am curious how I could obtain the rights to use this photo? It’s a very nice photo. 🙂
    Please get in touch.

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