Century: 1910

Oh yes, special treat arrives in the post today, an early copy of the next League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen book by Messrs Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, Century:1910, which is out here towards the end of May (so lucky, lucky me, got one of the earliest copies in the kingdom, oh its good to have contacts!). This third volume of LOEG is going to come in three volumes covering a century, from the 1910 book, then late this year the 60s and next year the early 21st century. I’ve been really looking forward to this, started reading it on the way home from the Book Group meeting tonight (we were doing Kurt Vonnegut’s fascinating and darkly humorous Galapagos), superb stuff, as ever Alan puts layers upon layers of historical, social and cultural references while Kev’s artwork is as brilliantly detailed as ever, demanding close attention for small components as well as the larger parts carrying the main narrative. Must force myself not to sit and read it all in one sitting, ration it out for a couple of evenings…

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